Woodworking Profiling Strip

  • Polymer Flexible Material:This profiling strip is made of highly polymer flexible material, which is easy to bend for use on curved surfaces. It has excellent deformability.
  • Gear Transmission Chain:The gear transmission chain design ensures multi-point fixation, which can easily create precise and complex shapes and curves.
  • Bendable and Rebounded: This product can be bent in any direction without breaking. It has good resilience properties, which making them resistant to twisting and knotting after use, while maintaining their original shape.


  • Material: PU polyurethane
  • Size: 2000x15x12mm
  • 20pcs M4x20 Self-tapping screw
  • Copper inlaid sleeve can be reused
  • Important reminder: Due to lack of experience and improper operation, handheld operation may cause vibration and edge breakage. It is recommended to use an inverted board for operation.