Clear-Cut Precision Stock Guides

  • Product NameSaw table presser
  • Product Size100*124*16mm
  • Product TechnologyAluminum alloy/CNC/Anodizing
  • Pressing mode: movable 5mm stroke
  • Pressure: Adjustable (brass screw)
  • Box size: 175*153*28mm
  • Product weight: 390g (gross weight); 330g (net weight)


  • High quality aluminum alloy material, widely applicable
  • Suitable for more operating platforms such as table saws/band saws/flip engraving machines
  • Replace with the matching slider, which can be used on the 30 type and 45 type chute
  • Replace with the matching T-shaped screws and fix them on the small T-slot or support bracket
  • The main body is high-strength aluminum alloy+bearings, with surface anodizing treatment and CNC machining
  • Double pressure wheels increase friction and provide good shock absorption effect The wooden board is not prone to deviation, and is fixed with shockproof double wheels and double sliding blocks, which is stable and not subject to vibration. The wood is pushed smoothly without obstruction