Pocket Hole Jig Kit

  • Aluminum Alloy Doweling JigBe made of 6061 aluminum alloy, anodizing surface treatment,laser engraving scale
  • Adjustable Metal Bushings8/15mm Metal bushings accurate alignment when drilling hole,easy to adjusting drilling height and hole depth
  • ApplicationsCan be used for woodworking,Quick Positioning for different thickness, easy to producing joints.


  • 1. Punch the round dowel and connecting rod, and adjust the half of the plate thickness by the drill sleeve,Adjust to 8mm position
  • 2. Adjusting wheel drill sleeve: minus the length of the threaded part,Adjust to the 32mm position and lock the brass nut
  • 3. A plate round dowel and connecting piece punching,Align the edge of the board, and use an 8mm drill bit to drill holes in sequence
  • 4. Use a 15mm drill bit to drill the eccentric hole
  • 5. B board punching and jigsaw steps,Also take half the thickness of the board and draw the reference auxiliary line,Align the two boards, the alignment line of the notch of the dowel locator
  • 6. The middle puzzle is similarly aligned with auxiliary lines for punching,Install the dowels and connectors,Before splicing the A board, tap it tightly with a rubber hammer