Tapered Snug Plug Cutters

Multifunctional tool for making tenon on round or square wood; pins are 3″ long; plugs are automatically injected.

  • Made of hardened high-carbon steel for long-lasting cutting.
  • Open body design facilitates plug gap.
  • The cutting angle design makes them the easiest cutting tool on the market.
  • 13 mm tool holder for drilling holes in presses, lathes, and horizontal drilling machines.
  • Used to make softwood and hardwood plugs. Used for furniture making, carpentry and home furnishing store projects.
  • Precisely ground inner and outer cutting edges cut through the hardest woods while maintaining extremely sharp edges.


Technical data

  • Type: Tenon plug knife
  • Material: high carbon steel
  • Diameter: 8mm-40mm
  • Application: For professional dowel and screw connection in wood.
  • Available sizes: as shown