T-track Hold Down Clamps

  • Material: aluminum alloy+copper
  • Thread size: M8
  • Dimension: 120*112*30mm/4.7×4.4×1.18in
  • Color: Red/Blue


  • 1This is a new set of T-track compression fixture.
  • 2These fixtures are suitable for workpiece installation and positioning in many woodworking and metalworking applications.
  • 3This is the king of T-shaped chute track limiter, woodworking positioning limiter and wooden clamp fixing and clamping tool.
  • 4Simple structure, convenient operation, strong clamping force and wide application range.
  • 5Excellent material selection, wear resistance and durability.
  • 6Clamps can help carpenters to clamp under various conditions, including beveling, incision, joint, wide angle and acute angle.
  • 7:Versatility: This clamp provides exceptional clamping forces for your universal t-track system configurations and assemblies. It is ideal for work holding, positioning, and fixturing for woodworking or metalworking, including routers, drill presses, CNC, table saws, jigs, panels, vertical mills, and more.