16 inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

  • Foot PedalAllows the operator to always keep both hands on the workpiece
  • Integrated Led WorklightAllows greater visibility at a variety of angles
  • Integrated Dust Removal SystemKeeps cut line free of debris for accurate cuts
  • Electronic Variable Speed ControlProvides greater cutting control with a variety of materials
  • Tilting 16 In. X 10 In. Work TableTilts 0–45 degrees for precise cuts
  • ON-TOOL BLADE STORAGEEasily access additional blades


  • Product Name16 inch Scroll Saw
  • Vairable Speed400-1600rpm
  • Cutting CapacityThroat depth 406mm
  • Blade Length128-133.3mm
  • Rated Input Power180W
  • Weight11kg
  • Frequency50Hz
  • Packing Size670x340x375mm
  • Cutting Depth50mm