10 Inch Wood Cutting Saw

  • All-aluminum push table press: can cut multiple pieces of material at the same time
  • Saw blade height: angle adjustable saw blade lift and tilt to meet a variety of cutting
  • 1 machine multi-purpose: support the addition of open plate milling groove planing
  • Batch cutting: free to modify the pusher
  • Low-dust cutting: with linked vacuum cleaner


  • Product Name: 10 Inch Table Saw
  • Material: aluminum alloy
  • Voltage(V) Supply:220-240 V ~
  • Frequency(HZ):50/60 Hz
  • Rated Power:1800 W 
  • No-Load Speed:5000 r/min
  • Blade Size:Ф 255 mm
  • Cutting Depth in 90″:0-85 mm
  • Cutting Depth in 45%:0-60 mm
  • Packing Size:930x 750 X 375mm