Universal Angle Try Square

  • The steel universal measuring aid and marking template brings a wide range of functions together in a single tool.
  •  The universal angle & try square lets you determine and transfer distances and angular measurements with ease. Being guided by the sturdy limit stop and hole line means you can effortlessly draw parallel lines with a pencil. 
  • You can quickly dismantle the limit stop on the angle rail so you can mark or measure surfaces precisely. For transferring curves and circles to workpieces, you simply use the universal angle as a compass. 
  • The two fixed radii on the angle measuring scale allow you to quickly transfer curves, e.g. for rounded corners on boards. The angle acts as a stable leading edge when using a jigsaw.


  • Material: stainless steel
  • Size: 12″ 7″
  • flat square, angle measuring scale, parallel marker, marking stencil and drill guide for concealed hinges in one device
  • removable plastic limit stop for precise working on surfaces or edges
  • high-quality metal design with scale on both sides