table saw roller stand

  • High-quality material:The main body is made of high-strength high-quality aluminum alloy + bearings, the surface is anodized, CNC processed, durable, rust-proof and wear-resistant, and the exterior is bright and shiny!
  • Strong expandability: The presser has two wheels, equipped with 2 sliders and 2 large sliders. It can be used in #30/#45 standard slots and can be used for table saws, band saws, flip-chip engraving machines, etc. Operation desk!
  • Safe, non-rebounding: Bearing wheel, anti-shock double rollers, double slider fixed, sufficient force, stable and non-vibrating, wood advancement is smooth and unimpeded!


  • Product packaging size: 19*11*3cm
  • Weight with packaging: 390g, net weight: 327g
  • Full box: 60 sets, 26kg, 55*40*42cm