Labor Saving Arm Tool Jack

  • Labor Saving Arm – This heavy-duty handheld arm jack provides additional support when lifting and holding heavy objects, you will save a lot of effort, especially when working alone. Lifting capacity: 260lbs/120kg, lifting range: 5.51″/140mm.
  • Multipurpose Hand Tool – It’s a must-have efficiency-enhancing tool when installing and leveling wall tile, washing machine, door panel, window, or cleaning the floor under beds and sofas. It can also be used as a powerful clamp.
  • Reliable Construction: The High-quality materials and innovative construction ensure its reliability and durability, smooth and consistent performance. It can handle heavy loads with ease. Its ergonomic design ensures helps reduce the strain on workers’ muscles and joints, making lifting tasks more comfortable and less fatiguing.
  • Slow Descent Mode: An inch-by-inch slow descent mode is added to this latest version, which allows you to lower objects slowly and precisely, making it ideal for delicate or fragile items that require extra care. This also helps reduce potential injuries to the operator.


  • Dynamic Lift Capacity: 260lbs/120kg
  • Static Load Capacity: 440lbs/200kg
  • Lift Range: 0.16- 5.5in/4- 140mm
  • Housing Mateiral: Cast Aluminum
  • Slide Shaft Material: Stainless Steel
  • Base Material: Heat-Treated C arbon Steel
  • Total height: 300MM
  • 2PCS outer box: 35 * 25*1 0CM
  • 2PCS Weight: 2.1KG .