Hidden Folding Table Rail

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  • Product name: Invisible dining table rail
  • Product material: aluminum alloy
  • Surface treatment: oxidation
  • Product color: matte
  • Product Specifications1270six sections guide rail/1450seven sections guide rail)
  • ApplicationBookcase Wine Cabinet Table Dining Table etc


  • Benefits of Invisible Folding Table Rails
  • Save space: Invisible folding table rails are a great way to save space in your home or office. By folding the table down when not in use, you can free up valuable floor space.
  • Increase versatility: Invisible folding table rails make your table more versatile. You can use it as a regular dining table, a workspace, or a side table.
  • Easy to install: Most invisible folding table rails are easy to install with basic tools.
  • Stylish and unobtrusive: Invisible folding table rails are designed to be stylish and unobtrusive. They will blend in with your existing décor.