Furniture Mover Dolly with Lifter

  • Material: ABS + iron
  • Slider height: 55mm universal wheel diameter: 35mm
  • Crowbar Length: 13.7inch
  • Kit Max Load Capability: 400KG
  • Fit for any application: Cabniet, Sofa, Bed, Bookcase, Refrigerator, Washer,Dryer and so on


  • Function:
  • 1. Moving set: portable tool set for moving furniture, which is often used for convenient and labour-saving moving heavy objects and furniture containers.
  • 2. TRIANGLE DOLLY: includes 4 movable triangular dollys, each dolly comes with 3 universal ABS pulleys with built in bearings for smoother rotation.
  • 3. Wheel pole: equipped with a wheel rod, ergonomic design, comfortable and easy to hold, unique headrest can be adjusted by 180 degrees, flexible in operation.
  • 4. Wide application: suitable for hardwood floors, carpets, easy to carry sofas, bookshelves, tables, chairs, beds, pianos, refrigerators, cupboards, etc.
  • 5. Metal structure: these tools are made of excellent iron, which has high hardness, wear and scratch resistance and a large load capacity.