adjustable woodworkers edge ruler

  • Woodworkers Edge RuleThe secret to the T-Square is the series of precisely machined indexing holes and the spring-loaded, tight-tolerance indexing pin that meshes with them. The pin snaps into place giving you the confidence to know it is spot-on accurate.
  • Unparalleled AccuracyOur latest precision ruler can provide unparalleled accuracy for your panel layout work. Just press the head to the desired angle, and then press the straight line. The head can be adjusted between 0° and 70°, and is firmly locked every 5° (plus 22-1 / 2° and 67-1 / 2°), so as to provide you with an accurate reference angle and length respectively


  • product name: Woodworkers Edge Ruler
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Color: silver+red
  • size: 10-15-20 inches
  •          200-320-450mm
  • Weight:320g