8 Inch Vacuum Suction Cup

Suction cup application areas: granite, tile, glass, metal plate, slate, plastic, electrical appliances and other materials

  • WITH PRESSURE GAUGE: Upgraded glass suction cup lifter can monitor the adsorption pressure status in real time to prevent adsorption objects from falling out of the pressurized system, safer to use.
  • POWERFUL FUNCTION: 8-inch suction cups for fast adsorption and release on flat, clean, smooth, non-porous surfaces! With just a few wipes, the suction cups adhere perfectly to the surface and maintain suction for over 12 hours.
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY: The glass suction cups have strong suction power and 200kg load capacity, saving labor and improving efficiency, making material handling easier.
  • HIGH QUALITY: The vacuum window cleaner cups are made of odorless rubber with mechanical strength, and the ABS plastic handle is more resistant to handling and has a non-slip effect. It is also ergonomic, making material handling safer.


Technical data

  • Product name :8“  vacuum sucker
  • Material:ABS+ Rubber
  • adsorbability :200KG
  • Sucker diameter: 200MM
  • Packing box: 230*110*260mm
  • Weight: 1.7kg

matters needing attention 

  • 1.Water and dust must not enter the vent valve.
  • 2.Prevent dust from entering the bottom of the suction cup.
  • 3.When dust enters the vent valve、 handle and chassis、
    it needs to be cleaned、 will affect its sealing and service life.